Fox.ONE Ratings Metrics

We rate project research and development quality through the following indicators: Robustness, Activity, Magnetism, Popularity and Originality. which are briefly described as follows:


Robustness assesses the impact of a project developers when any of them is missing. The indicators are negatively related to the project developer's individual influence in the project. The larger robustness, the better.


Activeness assesses the level of activity of developers in development. The indicator continuously analyzes the whole project development history and rates the contribution of each developer. The larger the activeness, the stronger the project activity.


Magnetism assesses the attractiveness of the project to contributors outside the project. It calculates attractiveness to developers outside the project who contribute to the project. The larger the magnetism, the stronger the attraction of project.


Popularity assesses the prevalence of the project to developers outside the project. It calculates the prevalence of the project among the developers by analyzing the relationship between developers outside the project. The larger the indicator, the higher the popularity.


This indicator assesses the originality of the project. When the project is forked, or the project itself is a fork, the indicator calculates the original part of its technical implementation. The larger the indicator, the higher the originality.

How We Rate

Unlike other ratings, we do not rate blockchain projects from a revenue or financial perspective; we only rate a public chain project from a technical/code perspective.

We believe this is correct for the following reasons:

1. The token price of the project will return to the value of the project.

2. The value of the project comes from both the business model and technological innovation.

3. In the long run, a good technology project may not achieve success, but a successful project must have technological innovation.

4. A great blockchain public chain project must be a greate open source project.

Our ratings are based on Merico's code repository deep analysis technology and the analysis of Fox.ONE blockchain experts, depending on five indicators: Robustness, Activity, Magnetism, Popularity and Originality. In combination with the aboved 5 indicators, we give a final rating score for each project.

Why not rate all cryptocurrencies

We cannot rate all cryptocurrencies because:

1. Some cryptocurrencies are not open source.

2. Some cryptocurrencies have no chain (for example, some projects trade ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum network, but have no own chain).

3. The rating takes time and computing resources, and we don't have enough resource to rate all cryptocurrencies.

However, we will pay close attention to the development of cryptocurrency technology to ensure that the public ratings report can cover the mainstream cryptocurrencies.

In addition, we can conduct a more complete and detailed rating reports for specified projects according to your needs, so that you can better understand your investment.

Why choose Bitcoin as the baseline

The reason for choosing Bitcoin as a ratings baseline is obvious:

1. Bitcoin is the world's first influential cryptocurrency

2. Bitcoin has the highest market value

3. Bitcoin has the widest range of holders and supporters

4. Most importantly, Bitcoin scored a high score in the Fox.ONE ratings rank

It doesn't mean that Bitcoin is the ceiling of ratings. The score can be exceed or below the baseline, depending on whether the project technology achieves better results on the ratings indicators that our algorithm focuses on.

The XX coin is so good, why is its score so low

If the score of the XX coin is low, it indicates that the coin has serious technical problems that the algorithm gives a very low score. These issues may include:

1. Not open source or no substantive open source.

2. It is the fork, clone of another project, and lacks its own original research and development.

3. Small amount of developers did most coding work in project.

4. Lack of attention in the developer community.

5. There is a lack of meaningful business logic in the code, or there are a lot of meaningless commits and changes.

One or more of these issues may result in a low rateing score. If the coin have a good price but a low rating score, you may want to reconsider whether the project is a trustworthy public blockchain project.

When to buy?

We do not rate blockchain projects from a revenue or financial perspective. So we can't promise the return on investment. However, the ratings will help you to improve your judgment on the market.

What is the use of ratings not to guide the trading?

We believe that the project's coin price will return to the value of the project. Our rating reports gives the project a fine, quantifiable conclusion. These can help investors make fine, quantifiable decisions.

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